Boarding School: The Essential Starter Guide

Nowadays, more and more parents try to create the most beneficial environment for the personal and academic development of their kids. From this perspective, the boarding school is one of the best choices.

However, the image of the boarding school in media does not have anything in common with the reality the students will find on the school premises.

No, they do not party until they burn all the campus down.

No, there is no mystic creatures and the talking portraits hanging on the walls.

And, no, they do not fall out of the windows when they don’t get what they want.

Felix Math Crew gives you a true insight into the life at the boarding school.

Academic Year

The academic year at the boarding school has three terms: autumn, spring, and summer terms.

This rule applies to all schools in Britain, however, each school can set the different dates for each term.

Usually, each term has one-two weeks of half-term holiday. During this time the school is closed, and the majority of the students return home. Nevertheless, some schools may offer the language courses and non-formal education during the school breaks.

It allows the students, who stay, to gain new experience from communication with the international students. a student tries to do homework without Felix Math


The boarding school can provide the student with a perfect intercultural experience.

You will share classrooms, teachers, and accommodation with the students from different countries.

These schools have several boarding houses for the students to live in, boys and girls separately.

Usually, the young boarders share the bedroom with the other students of their age. However, the elder ones may have their own bedroom and bathroom or share them with one more pupil.

As a rule, there is minimum one house parent at each boarding house. He/she is always ready to figure out the issues connected with the living in the house or academic progress.

In addition, each house has a security system and the guard in order to ensure that the kids are safe and sound.

Students dancing in the boarding school


What’s for dinner?

Food is the second issue of concern for the parents, who choose the school their child should attend.

No worries here as well – all schools provide the variety of dishes to help the kids keep to the diet they used to.

This personalized approach allows the kids with the special restrictions and preferences to have a substantial meal that will satisfy their nutrition needs.

However, it is always good to check what the school offers, as well to inform what your child needs personally. Ron Weasley eating chicken

Boarding school, not boring school.

Another thing that you should know about the boarding school and house is that the life here is not only about education and the expected behavior.  Yes, your kids can run, play, and free their creative potential, and there are a lot of clubs and centers for that.

Each student has an access to the school facilities, clubs, and activities that will help to develop the skills depending on their own interest — from music to kayaking and karate.

What is more, being involved in the activities will help them to develop their communication and socializing skills, which are of extremely importance nowadays.

In addition, they will find the friends with the common interests, thus increasing their motivation and competitiveness.

school of rock kids showing up


Parents, on board!

Though the kids will spend more time away from home, it does not mean that the parents will see them during the holidays only.

In fact, each school encourages the parents to pay more attention to their child’s school life.

For that, the administration of the school organizes a lot of events where the boarders and parents can cooperate together.

For instance, the school arranges the night stands for the parents during several days, or simply let them take the kids for the weekend.

The children and parents are able to communicate as much as they want during the time free of the school’s duty.

parents celebrating their kid's achievements

Safety, possibility for personal and academic development, motivation and aspiring to be better, individual approach and fun at the same time — this is all about the true life at the boarding school.

This is the life that the school staff tries to create for your child.

What can be better?

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