How to get a Project Done: Simple Hacks for School     

All students know: writing one’s final paper can take forever. Oftentimes this forever is accompanied by anxiety, stress, and even nervous breakdowns.  FelixMath gives you a list of simple hacks how to get a project done and have enough strength to party after.


Get a Project Done: Step-by-Step Guide

preparation is the first step to get your project done

Choose your project theme


Nomen est omen, they used to say a lot of time ago.

The first thing you need to do to get a project done easily and faster is to choose the right theme.

Believe, it will save most of your time and energy for the actual writing.

In addition, it will make your planning stage easier.

However, be careful with stating your theme because it may force you to provide a different kind of information.

Consider this.

“The impact of globalization on Chinese economy” requires broader, all-perspective coverage than, for instance, “The negative impact of globalization on Chinese economy”.


Choose more specific title over more broader one!

Lee Curtis saying someone "Make good choices!"


Do your  research

So you’ve got a super brilliant brand new vision of, let say, Wordsworth poetry. You put your thoughts into words and handed to your teacher feeling extremely proud of its authenticity.

However, your grades appeared to be not as great as you thought they would.


Because some professor A has already published alike content on some .edu site, and your developing of the same idea (not on purpose, though) is nothing else but plagiarism.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent the wtf-situation.

Do an initial research of the chosen theme.

It will not only be a great introduction to the topic but also will make your professor think of you as the one who knows all ins-and-outs of your project.

Sherlock telling a guy "Do your research"
FelixMath: What do we need to do to get a project done?

get the project written

Make a Plan

This is the part you simply cannot skip.

Here is why: your plan is a guide to writing step-by-step in a logical and easily readable way, which is the most evaluated quality ever.


Divide and Conquer

This is an extremely useful strategy when you plan your project.

Firstly, decide what will be in intro-body-conclusion part.

Secondly, break those into smaller pieces that will reflect your ideas, purpose, hypothesis, measurements, interpretation, results, etc.

 Just Write It

After you made an extensive plan for your project, sit down, concentrate on one part, and write it.

It is not always easy to focus on your things but if you write any part during one day, it will look seamless in terms of chosen vocabulary, ideas, and style.

Follow one part — one day rule to avoid patchwork writing (unless the task was to represent your stream of consciousness).

Need some inspiration to turn the right mood on?

Check this article how to stay productive and get a project done quicker!

Shia LaBeouf saying "Just do it!"
And don’t let your grades be low!


finished your paper? relax

Edit Like a Pro

So you got a project done and thinking about having some rest.

Our advice: have a break.

Go and see your friends, help your parents or do shopping — whatever works best, just let your brain rest from the project.

There is a chance that the next day you’d be surprised what you wrote there, and most likely you’ll finally understand this saying:

editing is essential part of get your paper completed

After you give your text a time to be on its own, start editing it.

Read it once, twice, read it again and again.

You’ll find out that some words are weird, some statement doesn’t belong there, and maybe it is a good idea to delete this paragraph or replace it.

Never hand your papers unedited, you won’t have a second chance to make the first impression.


Follow these simple hacks and get a project done easier and quicker without having a nervous breakdown!

And remember: by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.


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