Top 7 British Universities to Study Math

When it comes to employer’s decision, your education is not just a fancy fact to put in a CV.

Basically, it’s a green light to keep one’s attention on you as a potential employee.

This is a reason why you’d better think million times where to study and set your priorities in advance.

As far as we are Math geeks, and we love providing Math help in any way, in this article we’ve prepared a short description of top 7 British universities to study Math. 

  1. Cambridge

    This is a picture of Kings College Chapel
    A view on Kings College Chapel, one of the University’s most famous building. Retrieved from

Of course, Cambridge is the top ranked university for any sphere, including Math, one’d like to study.

Be ready to face the highest competition, as well as to provide the university with the highest grades possible.

However, if you chose to enter Cambridge to study business or IT, physical or formal science, communication or finance, A in Math is a must. 

Entry Standard: 633*


  1. Oxford

View on the Oxford campus from above
View on Oxford campus. Retrieved from

Another hard-to-entry place is Oxford University.  With sky-high entry standards, it still creates a lot of competition per place.

Here you have 4 options when it comes to Math degree: Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics, Mathematics and Statistics or Mathematics and Philosophy.

However, if you decided to apply for MBA, Finance or Computer Science, they expect you have A in Math too.

Entry Standard: 616*


  1. Durham University

this is a picture of Durham Chapel, a part of the Durham University Campus
Durham Chapel. Retrieved from

Like Oxford and Cambridge, Durham University’s application for any Math course starts with filling up UCAS form and further interview.

If you apply at Durham, it is not enough to have A-grade in standard Math program.

Actually, an applicant should certify one’s studying of further mathematics.

However, your hard work on Math will not be in vain. According to the statistics, about 91% of graduates are employed within six months after accomplishing their degree in Math.

Entry Standard: 588*


  1. Imperial College London

    this is a photo of South Kensington Campus entrance
    Entrance to South Kensington Campus. Retrieved from

Another place where you have to prove you Math excellence is Imperial College London.

Besides A in Math, they expect an applicant to be the pro in social sciences as well.

However, this place is worth fighting for. Studying here will give you the opportunity to excel in any Math-related sphere, create community bonds, and experience the student life to the full.

Entry Standard: 578*


  1. University of St. Andrews

    View on School of Mathematics and Statistics building in North Haugh
    School of Mathematics and Statistics in North Haugh. Retrieved from

University of St. Andrews is another giant of the mathematical thought and one of the best places to get math education.

Its School of Mathematics and Statistics is one of the most influential and productive due to its coverage of the whole mathematical sciences spectrum.

During the last two years, this university has received up to 10 application per place. No doubt, you should have excellent grades in Math to be considered by the commission.  

Entry Standard: 568*


  1. University of Warwick

    View on the main building of Warwick Mathematical Institute
    Campus of Warwick Mathematical Institute. Retrieved from

Number 4 in terms of Math performance, Warwick provides excellent Math education to its students.

Ever-expanding university’s Mathematical Institute is one of the most recognizable in the world for the impeccable education quality.

It offers the following courses: Mathematics G100, Mathematics G103, Mathematics and Business Studies, Mathematics and Philosophy, Mathematics and Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, and Mathematics and Physics.

Contrary to the previously mentioned universities, this one does not hold an entry interview, though you should have an exceptional academic background.

Entry Standard: 555*


  1. University of Bath

    Aerial view on the Bath University's campus
    Aerial view on the University’s campus. Retrieved from

The University of Bath has a remarkable reputation when it comes to overall student experience.

Its Department of Mathematical Sciences conducts researches, 88% of which is “world leading and internationally excellent”.

Naturally, the entry requirements are beyond the standard program.  This university offers the following degree courses: Mathematical Sciences, Maths and Physics, Maths and Economics and Natural sciences, Maths and Computer Science.

After the first year of broad Math education, the students specialize in the particular fields.

Starting from the second year, they have an option to receive the first-hand experience through working on a company, who needs the entry level specialists. This is the best practice for the students to know the sphere from within and be aware of the industry demands.

Entry Standard: 502*



As you can see, all these prestigious universities require stellar academic background and outstanding performance in Math.

That’s why it goes without saying that, in order to be admitted, you will need a lot of training.

Felix Math can be your companion on your journey.

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*Entry standard scores are taken from The Complete University Guide  (


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