UK Top 5 Private Schools for Studying Math

OK, you already know you need to be a pro in Math to enter the university of your dream.

You already read our tips on learning Math, and even used some of them (like doing your homework and studying with Felix Math using our app to get Math homework help).

However, in this post, we give you another issue to think about — to choose the right school where Math is in priority.

So meet UK top 5 private schools for studying Math.

1. St Paul’s School

This independent selective school for boys has an outstanding reputation in terms of its students’ success at Mathematics.

They participate in the British Mathematical Olympiad and are the members of the UK team for the International Mathematical Olympiad. What is more, its graduates become the students of Oxbridge. Pretty convincing, eh?

2. Bolton School

Bolton School has divisions for both girls and boys, which show outstanding success in terms of Math performance.

The students of this independent school can choose different Math courses courses in Year 12.

The list includes Pure Mathematics with Mechanics, Pure Mathematics with Statistics, and Further Mathematics.

For those, who aim to proceed with the further learning of Math or Math related fields, the knowledge of these courses is a must.

3. Hampton School

Marked as “Exceptional”, this independent school for boys prepares its students to enter the most prestigious universities in the country and aboard. A lot of its students become winners of the British Math Challenges and British Math Olympiads.

Moreover, 85% of its students receives A* in Math.

This year the school starts Pre-U Maths, Pre-U Further Maths, or a one year AS Maths courses for the students, who apply to study Math in the universities.

4. King Edward’s School (KES)

As an independent school for boys aged 11-18, KES is famous for giving its students rock solid knowledge of Math.

Its Department of Mathematics offers 3 plans for studying Math: Higher level, Standard level, and Second Standard level.

Each of them varies depending on the student’s future goals and university preferences.

KES’ students participate in Math Challenges, both team, and individual, and qualify for the ensuing Mathematics Olympiad.

In addition, there is KES Mathematical Society that unites and supports all young mathematicians in their competition and education endeavours.

5. Tayyibah Girls’ School

The students of Tayyibah Girls’ School study Math as one of their core subjects.

The entry level to the sixth form is high (one must have GCSE grade A or above in Math) though it will pay off later.

The girls are offered 2-year A-level program with an option to choose the following: Pure Mathematics (C1-C4), Statistics S1, Mechanics M1. Due to the fact that the school uses the Edexcel exam board, all the students are required to complete C1, C2, and S1 in order to complete A/S level.


If you are passionate about Math and believe it is essential for your career, then we encourage you to learn more about these top private schools in the UK.

And, don’t forget, if you ever need help with algebra or your Math homework, you have our Math solver app!

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