UK Top 5 State Schools for Math

In the previous article, we reviewed 5 best independent British schools that provide profound Math education, needed for enrolment into the universities. Here we chose UK top 5 state schools for Math you should consider if this subject is in priority.

1.Caistor Grammar School

This state school is known for the nation-wide achievements and assiduous work of the Mathematics Department.

According to the results shown during the last years, 100% of the students obtained C or higher in GCSE examinations.

In addition, its students participate in different Math programs and mathematics-themed exchanges throughout the world.

2. Colyton Grammar School

For some universities, you need to study Further Mathematics.

Colyton Grammar School is one of the best places to achieve the necessary skills and knowledge.

Throughout Key stages (3, 4, 5), the students will gain both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Moreover, it offers a lot of possibilities for the students to participate in Olympiads, UK Math Challenges, and exchange programs.

3. The Blue Coat School

Throughout Years 7-11, the students of the Blue Coat School are encouraged to study Math beyond the required program.

That’s why both junior and senior students participate in national and regional Math competitions and quizzes.

This year on Intermediate Math Challenge the students received 33 Gold, 63 Silver and 38 Bronze certificates, which is a record-breaking result. In addition, the school introduced the Maths Leaders Award and workshops to support young mathematicians.

No wonder 98% of the students score 5 A*-C grades, including Maths.

4. King Edward VI Five Ways School

King Edward VI Five Way School offers two A-level programs for studying Math: Edexcel Mathematics and Edexcel Further Mathematics. The entry GCSE scores are high: grade A and grade A* or equivalent, respectively.

However, the extensive Math education program is worthwhile. It allows the students to achieve the desirable knowledge and certificates in order to enter universities that require outstanding Math records.

5.   Sutton Grammar School

Sutton Grammar School is another state British school that offers Math courses needed for applying for the university programs where Math is a must.

At A-level, students study Mechanics, Statistics, and Decision Mathematics. The last one is of particular importance, as D1 and D2 cover the concepts that are necessary for those who want to study Computing and  Engineering.

State school or independent one? There are a lot of issues to think about before making a decision.

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